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Family and Friends

Here are some photos of my Family and Friends. To View full Size Photo just click on the one you would like to view. To maximize photo size use icons in top right corner of window. A Description of each one is listed below.

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Pic 2
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Photo Descriptions from LEFT to RIGHT, Top to Bottom.

1.Rachel and I at a friends wedding. June 03
2.This is a Pic of my wife and I with here best friend Gina. June 03
3.The Love of my life!!!! Taken in 99.
4.My College Graduation June 03.
5.My BEST friends (Frank and Tony) and I. Winter 97
6.This is one of my Very Good Friends form Hollywood, CA.
7.Myself with my Explorer and Guitar. Nov 99
8.This is my Mom.
9.My Dad and Sister in CA. Winter 03
10.Modeling shot of Gina.
11.Modeling shot of Gina. sis, myself and our Dog Harely. Dec 96
13.Modeling shot of Gina.
14.Me with my ESP M2 Deluxe (guitar) and Bass.
15.A photo of the Like Family. Winter 00

My Explorer